......from Mark and Michele T. 7/11/16

"You were very easy to work with and I will highly recommend you to my friends in Seattle."

......from Joanne D. and Jon M. 2015

"I just wanted to reiterate how thankful we are for your services. We appreciate you spending your winter weekends with us until we finally found a place. I appreciate your patience and willingness to deal with my every whim. We also appreciate all your advice and tutelage of the whole process. Thank you again for everything! We are excited to be here!"

......from Tina M., host of The Money Hour on KVI 570AM Talk Radio

"I personally wanted to thank you for taking time to come to studio and share your expertise with my listeners. I know that your success and wealth of information was a real benefit for my listeners. I hope to have you back on my show soon!"

......from Robb & Cynthia F. 3/12/2014

"We always refer Bill. He always exceeds our expectations. You can call him anytime. He keeps you up to date, continually follows up and gives great advise based on his years of experience."

......from Lena K.

"I want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I can never thank you enough for getting the property off my hands, and in to the hands of someone that can develop it. Our business friendship was/is the cleanest I have experienced since John's death. You have been so kind and understanding in every situation that came near to closing; but for reasons (my lack of knowledge) never did. If you ever come to Orange County, please call. I would enjoy taking you and your family to dinner; and learn more about the Grover family. You are truly a man of integrity, and your family and Corporation must take pride in you."

......from Glen H.

"Bill certainly went beyond the normal limits of an associate to make this deal. Another associate would not have pulled it off."

......from Mitchell

"Bill is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and amiable. We will use Bill in the future regardless of who he is working for- so hang on to him!"

......from Michael O.

"Bill went above and beyond the normal call of duty to do everything he could to make the deal work. He did a fantastic job."

......from Ambrose

"When we asked questions we got honest and straightforward answers. Good follow-thru on everything. The attitude in everyone we contacted was good. Your people serve the customer and not the 'office' or each other or themselves."

......from Linda L.

"Bill was very informative. I was in closing for over 2 months and bill kept up his smile the entire time. His willingness to go the extra mile has made this condo a pleasant experience. Bill returned every single call of mine. I have recommended Bill Grover to 3 different parties already. Bill Grover is the only reason I have done so. He is an asset to your company."

......from Noel & Kristin T.

"We could not have asked for a better agent than Bill Grover."

......from Ambrose

"Actually, we didn't come to Windermere. We came to Bill Grover. He sold us our house in 1991. We were impressed by his work then, so we called him when it was time to sell."

......from Hannelore P.

"My husband and I love our Real Estate agent Bill Grover. He found us a condo to buy and now our house. He is a pleasure to work with. always friendly, helpful and we consider him a friend. We trust him and he goes out of his way to help. Above and beyond his duty."

......from Gail E.

"Mr. Grover is a knowledgeable, personable, effective realtor. If my family needed a realtor in the Seattle area, we would use his services again."

......from Josephine R. & Carol S.

"In July 1995, Bill Grover of Windermere represented us in buying a house. Bill carefully watched every detail and event went to close at Escrow with us. Bill is very knowledgeable of real estate transactions. He not only handled the purchase of the Renton house, but also coordinated with the Windermere agent in Olympia in selling our house there. I would like to say that Bill Grover has the most gracious personality and manner of almost anyone I have ever met. An outstanding characteristic."

......from Julia G.

"I have had Bill as my agent before. I would not use anyone else. He is the best."

......from Sharon F.

"Excellent. Bill Grover kept in contact with me constantly, giving me updates and to let me know the status of anything from the beginning to the end. He made me feel just as important as any client/ customer he had, that might be spending four times the amount."

......from Dickerson/Gudmundson

"Our agent Bill was very professional and also made us feel as we were his number one priority. We would definitely go through Windermere again."

......from Rick & Eleanor D.

"Excellent- Our agent went above and beyond in assisting us in our purchase. We would definitely use him again and have no hesitation in recommending him."

......from Sharon C.

"I have appreciated doing business with Bill for almost two years. He is very professional and helpful and has done a great job for me."

......from Kasalo

"Mr. Grover and your company did everything possible to help me. I am grateful to Mr. Grover and your staff."

......from Bunker

"Our agent was very helpful even though our buyers caused a lot of stress for us. It was always good to know that all the logistics of the sale were on the 'up & up' and handled well by our agent."

......from Sumemoto

"Bill Grover contacted us through a letter and we were very happy he did as we were on the market for a very long time. A super agent who kept us posted and responded whenever we left messages for him."

......from Chris & Laura A.

"Bill- we wanted to thank you for the hard work you put in on the sale of our house. Never having sold one before, we weren't sure what to expect- but we couldn't be more impressed. You made everything very easy for us. If we ever return to Seattle, we'll let you know. Thanks again."

......from Vannini

"Bill was outstanding. I will recommend him and use him myself again if the situation every presents itself."

......from Enid C.

"Excellent- above and beyond. Impressed by the follow up calls and all the contact made during the transaction."

......from W. E. Anderson

"As we live in Anchorage, Alaska and didn't know any reliable real estate people- Windermere was all we could hope for. Thanks a lot for a good job. Well Done."

......from Diane A.

"We were very pleased with our realtor, William Grover. The original one assigned to us was really too busy to spend adequate time with us for the 7-10 days we had to select a new home and make offers and counteroffers. Mr. Grover was excellent!"

......from Heinz

"Bill Grover provided excellent service throughout my home buying experience, despite difficult sellers and selling agent."

......from Craig D.

"Bill definitely is one of the best at what he does. He does a lot of little things that aren't even really his job in order to get the sale done (took bids for water under house problem, got them to bring the bid down and even let the contractors in when I couldn't be there. He had good instincts as to what we should ask for in this market and this economy. He was very available and always returned emails and calls. I will recommend him and your office."

.....from Bob E.

"Top notch and above expectations.....Bill handled the sale, even though it went to short sale, gracefully and with charismatic flair....it was a job well done under very trying circumstances."